Is Anyone Suffering or Sick? A Study of James

In this class we will conclude our study of James by looking at James 5:13-20. This passage covers a lot, and some of it deals with topics which many Christians have a lot of questions about (“What does ‘anointing with oil in the name of the Lord’ mean?”). We’ll close out James by talking about…

Cease the Fighting Among You: A Study of James

Our study of James continues as we dive into James 4:1-12. In this passage, God condemns the strife and fighting that sometimes takes place between Christian brethren, and provides the solution to their problems: humility and repentance.

The Tongue is a Fire: A Study of James

In this lesson we discuss James 3:1-12 and the warnings God gives about how we speak to each other. If you like to talk to other people in person or online, you need to watch this lesson!

Receiving Wisdom From God: A Study of James

We continue our study of the book of James by examining James 1:5-27. In this passage James discusses receiving wisdom from God and how that wisdom is shown and used in several aspects of the Christian’s daily life, such as their faith, their view of the rich, their reaction to hardship, their reaction to temptation,…