Women of the Bible: Esther

The Old Testament portion of our series on Women of the Bible concludes with a study of the life of Esther and what we can learn from her.  You can watch the class below.  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell to be notified of new videos of sermons and classes.

Romans 1:7-17 Class

This is the second lesson in the series on Romans, covering Romans 1:7-17.  Due to technical difficulties at the time of recording on Sunday morning in the auditorium class, Jon re-recorded this in his office during the week. You can view the lesson by going to our YouTube channel here.  While there make sure you…

February 2019 Bible Questions & Answers

Questions Why do people pray to Jesus? Aren’t we supposed to pray to God? Is it a sin to eat genetically modified food (Deut. 22:9)? If angels are being guarded for Judgment Day as described in Jude 6, does that mean once we get to heaven we can still be cast into hell? What is…

June 2018 Bible Questions and Answers

Topics:  how dinosaurs died, fasting, adultery in one’s heart and eyes, acts of worship, giving, singing, the mission of the church, why there are so many churches How did the dinosaurs die? “Dinosaurs” (deinos sauros, “fearfully great lizard”) were not known by that name until 1841. Over the two decades prior to 1841 hundreds of…

2017: The Year We Grow Closer To God

As we start this new year, here are some thoughts to consider on how to grow closer to God, your church family, and those in your life who are lost in sin.