What The Bible Says About Divorce

Divorce is a painful and sensitive subject which burdens many lives. In this lesson Jon examines what the Bible says about it.  You can watch the video below.  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell to be notified of new videos of sermons and classes.

May 1, 2020 Bible Questions & Answers

Come join us as we learn more about God’s Word! The submitted questions for this month and their biblical answers are below, and you can watch the video above. 1. At what time in his life did Jesus know he was Jesus? Was he a perfect baby? How did Mary mother a perfect son? 2….

May 2019 Bible Questions & Answers

 Was the whole earth covered with water during Noah’s flood or was it just where Noah was? Why did God make the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Is a marriage sealed with God’s approval on any occasion in which a man and a woman are wed? Would this be the case even if…

August 2018 Bible Questions and Answers

Topics: elders and the marriage qualification, children and baptism, divorce and remarriage, confessing faith with one’s mouth, the plan of salvation If an elder is widowed, can he still be an elder? If he remarries, can he be an elder again? Elders are also called bishops (overseers) and pastors (shepherds) in the New Testament (Acts…