Adultery: It’s Simply Not Worth It

Jon discusses chapter 5 of Proverbs to show how God through Solomon warns us of the terrible consequences that come from committing the sin of adultery and how to avoid going down that dark road. Watch this important lesson below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

May 1, 2020 Bible Questions & Answers

Come join us as we learn more about God’s Word! The submitted questions for this month and their biblical answers are below, and you can watch the video above. 1. At what time in his life did Jesus know he was Jesus? Was he a perfect baby? How did Mary mother a perfect son? 2….

Romans 7:1-6 Class

This class opens chapter 7 of Romans by discussing the first six verses and how Paul compares the Jewish Christians’ current relationship with the law of Moses to a marriage which has ended due to the death of a spouse.  You can watch the class below.  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the…

Women of the Bible: Bathsheba

In this class we study about Bathsheba, the connections she had with David before she committed adultery with him, and the lessons we can learn from his duplicity.  You can watch the video below.  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell to be notified of new videos of sermons and classes.

June 2018 Bible Questions and Answers

Topics:  how dinosaurs died, fasting, adultery in one’s heart and eyes, acts of worship, giving, singing, the mission of the church, why there are so many churches How did the dinosaurs die? “Dinosaurs” (deinos sauros, “fearfully great lizard”) were not known by that name until 1841. Over the two decades prior to 1841 hundreds of…