The Day of the Lord: A Study of 2 Peter

Our series on 2 Peter concludes as we examine 2 Peter 3:10-18. In this section Peter describes the great and terrible day when Jesus comes again and this world and universe is destroyed. Jon discusses Peter’s description of what will happen on that day and compares it to other New Testament passages which describe the…

Skepticism Over Jesus’ Return: A Study of 2 Peter

Some mocked the notion that Jesus would return in Peter’s day. The same happens today. Peter addresses this in 2 Peter 3:1-9. Is a day the same as a thousand years to God? Jon discusses this and more.

Beware of False Teachers: A Study of 2 Peter

As our study of 2 Peter continues, we dive into chapter 2. In this chapter Peter gives strong warnings against false teachers and describes what they do and the terrible consequences of following their heresy. It would be good for Christians to heed these warnings today, for there are many false teachers out there.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit: A Study of 2 Peter

We continue our study of 2 Peter by examining 2 Peter 1:16​-21. In this passage Peter points out how the eyewitness testimony of the apostles concerning Jesus, as well as how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, are very good reasons to conclude that the Christian faith is legitimate. Peter then points out how the writers…

It’s All About The Math: A Study of 2 Peter

Our study of 2 Peter starts off by discussing 2 Peter 1:1-15. In this passage Peter basically gives us the formula for spiritual growth, laying it out in a simple mathematical equation. If you are a Christian who wants to grow closer to God and eternal life, you need to take this to heart! Watch…