Our History

The Calhoun Church of Christ had its beginning in April of 1954.  Ralph Henley, minister of the Central congregation in Dalton, preached for the church during this period with services being held at 3:00 each Sunday afternoon.  The attendance typically ranged from 9 to 11.  Among these early attendees were three men who were active in the early history of the congregation: John Hurd, Ralph Payne, and Brooks Williams.

In the spring of 1955, land located at 1001 South Wall Street was acquired and the building of our first auditorium began.  The men of the Calhoun congregation and a host of men from the Central congregation in Dalton constructed the auditorium.  This auditorium was eventually converted to classrooms and then into a fellowship hall.  Sam Connelly spoke at the first dedication service.  The first minister to locate in Calhoun was Robert Brown in 1956.  he was followed by Marlin Connelly in July of 1957, who labored with the church for three years.  The Hillsboro congregation in Nashville and the Central congregation in Dalton continued to financially support the work in Calhoun during the early years.

Bill Beck was the next minister to move to Calhoun in July  of 1960, where he labored for one year.  Carl Carroll moved from the East Brainerd congregation in Chattanooga and began his work at Calhoun in the fall of 1961.  In the spring of 1962, an expansion building project was begun on the property, consisting of a new auditorium and classrooms.  Kenneth Jones began work with the church in 1967 and continued until 1971.  In 1968, Ruel Weaver and Sala Weaver were both appointed as elders, with deacons also being appointed the same year.  On January 1, 1969, the Calhoun congregation became self-supporting for the first time.  Later in 1970, Bill Smith was appointed to the eldership.  Robert Brooks began work with the Calhoun congregation in November of 1971 and continued until 1972.  Don Perry moved to Calhoun in September of 1972 and preached for the church until July of 1973.  Joseph Pettit began to work with the church in 1973 and continued until 1976.  Robert Brooks returned and worked with the church for a second time from 1978 until the summer of 1980.  In August of 1981, Tommy Garrison began his work with this congregation and remained until the fall of 1987.  Also in 1981, Everett Gray was appointed to the eldership.  In November of 1987, Joey Gafford was employed by the church as pulpit minister.  In 1988, Ken Rasbury was appointed as an elder.  In 1990, Jerry Max Morgan began his work with the church and served until 1993.  Frank Mills, who was employed as the associate minister in 1992, became the pulpit minister and served the congregation for over ten years.  In December of 2003, Scott Sides and Jon Podein were employed as the pulpit minister and the youth minister respectively.  Chris Kemp became the pulpit minister in 2014, followed by Jon Mitchell in 2016 who currently serves in that role.

In 2002, a five-year plan was initiated.  This plan called for a new, updated facility as well as plans for the development of a Christian school.  In June of 2003, a 24-acre plot located at 1301 Dews Pond Road was purchased.  This property made possible the future expansions that were planned.  The site preparation for the new facility began in October of 2004.  The new building was completed in November of 2005.  The school began in January of 2006 with a preschool for 2-4 year old children.  Future plans were made for the development of a Christian school on the same property which would offer education through the 12th grade.  We continue to pray that these goals will one day be fulfilled.

Since its beginning decades ago, the church has grown in number and spirit.  Many fine programs are offered such as an annual Vacation Bible School, a very active Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes program, and a regular Friends and Family Day, along with many, many more.  We also have many well-arranged Bible School classes for all ages.

We thank God for our past and look forward to our future as we work to utilize all the blessings God has given us for His glory.  Giving Him the glory through our honor of and obedience to Him while striving to bring souls to Christ is our top priority, the purpose for our existence.

If you are looking for a new church home, we want you to know that we care for you and want to assist you in your spiritual walk in any possible.