What Kind Of Religion Do We Have?

The origin of the Samaritans (2 Kings 17) shows that they worshiped other gods while also serving the Lord, thus proving their religion to be superficial. This sermon examines the mistakes they made and asks Christians to examine our own religion and relationship with God. Watch the sermon below and make sure to subscribe to…

What It Means To Follow Jesus

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). What does this mean? Jon breaks down this verse so we can understand exactly what is required of a follower of Jesus. Watch the sermon below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube…

Adultery: It’s Simply Not Worth It

Jon discusses chapter 5 of Proverbs to show how God through Solomon warns us of the terrible consequences that come from committing the sin of adultery and how to avoid going down that dark road. Watch this important lesson below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Is Fearing God A Good Thing?

Jon discusses the different types of “fear of the Lord” taught in the Bible and why each one has its place in helping us be the followers of God that would please him. Watch the lesson below, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Jesus Still Reigns Over The Kingdoms Of Men

In the aftermath of the election, how should Christians respond? What should we remember and tell others about more than anything else? This lesson examines divine teachings from Daniel 4, Psalms 2 and 110, Habakkuk 1 and 3, Romans 13, and 1 Timothy 2 that bring home who really is in power in Washington and…

When The Bible Isn’t Enough

Is there ever a situation in which we need more than the Bible? Watch this lesson to find out, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more biblical content!  

Life of Christ: First Disciples

Our series on the life of Christ continues as we study how Jesus called his very first disciples. Watch the class below, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Romans 12:19-21; 13:1-4 Class

Due to technical difficulties, Jon had to re-record the Sunday Bible class on Romans 13:1-4. In this class we start by looking at Romans 12:19-21 and how that ties into the first four verses of chapter 13 and God’s decree that we submit to governing authorities. We examine how that applied to the first-century church…