Studying Romans 15-16

Jon closes out his study of Romans by discussing chapters 15 and 16 of the book. In chapter 15 Paul returns to his theme of reconciling Jew and Gentile in the church, and in chapter 16 he sends his greetings to various members of the church and gives his final plea for them to avoid…

Diving Deep Into Spiritual Daily Bread: Making the Best Use of the Time

In Jon Mitchell’s final Diving Deep class, he leads a discussion that dives deep into Ephesians 5:15-21. We discuss making wise decisions as we live our lives, making the best use of the time, understanding what the will of the Lord is, the meaning behind “do not get drunk with wine,” what instrument Ephesians 5:19…

Studying Romans 14

Jon continues his study of Romans by discussing chapter 14 (as well as the first seven verses of chapter 15), which deals with a controversy the early church had two thousand years ago. The lessons for us today are very relevant. How do you handle problems in the church which come up not because of…

How Did Jesus Preach?

What kind of preacher was our Lord? In this lesson Jon examines the scriptural evidence which answers this question.

Stand on Your Feet

Jon discusses what Christians can learn from Ezekiel’s prophetic vision and how it can encourage us during the difficult times in our lives.

Studying Romans Chapter 13

Jon discusses chapter 13 of Romans, studying the directives to submit to governmental authorities, love one another, and to live as faithful Christians.

Is Anyone Suffering or Sick? A Study of James

In this class we will conclude our study of James by looking at James 5:13-20. This passage covers a lot, and some of it deals with topics which many Christians have a lot of questions about (“What does ‘anointing with oil in the name of the Lord’ mean?”). We’ll close out James by talking about…

The Teachings of Grace

Our heavenly Father has given us the greatest gift: to be called his children. It is by grace that he does this. His grace not only saves us, but also teaches us. In this lesson, we examine what grace teaches us and how it contributes towards our salvation.